Titvi Ky

Long scarves

Long scarves come in various sizes and most feature a unique buttoning system which keeps the scarf securely in place. The materials used in the design are mainly crepe polyester, various chiffon\'s or special materials such as; figured velvet, gobelin and other exotic materials depending on the customer\'s wishes.

The trimmings have been specially designed to harmonise with and accentuate the various colour combination\'s used.

These scarves can used very successfully with your own jackets or other items of clothing. They also work especially well with Titvi\'s poncho\'s, which are designed to take full advantage of the design features.

It is also possible to order a made-to-measure long scarf ( e,g, shorter or longer) and in those cases it is necessary to discuss your wishes either by e-mail or by telephone.

At the studio Titvi has a comprehensive collection of colours and materials from which to make your choices, so wherever possible, it\'s worth to visit the studio if you can.

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