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Scarf Collection

Scarf Collection

Each scarf in the TITVI collection bears her individual fashion signature, that of a finely worked satin trimming, which gives the scarf its unique form and helps retain its shape.

A wide range of colour combinations and the incorporation of different materials and textures, make each scarf an object of beauty and individuality. In addition to the traditional square format, the collection also features long and pleated scarves which are designed for special occasions offering an exciting and lighter alternative to wearing a jacket.

TITVI`s scarf ROSES and RINGS are essential time saving accessories, which have been specially designed to compliment the scarf collection. Together, they perfectly solve the age-old problems of how to tie the scarf in an elegant way and keep it securely in place. Numerous tying techniques can be used and the use of a ROSE or a RING on even single colour scarf can really make it stand out! By combining RINGS of different colours, it is possible to create almost endless variations to suit every occasion. Scarf roses and scarf rings are sold separately. You can find  Colour Charts on the same page as the scarf.

It would be wrong to say that TITVI-scarves are just plain scarves, for in the “blink of an eye” they can transform an outfit into something completely individual that truly reflects the personal style of the wearer. The colours are mainly timeless, but the important seasonal “trend” colours are also included. Perhaps Titvi`s most important ideal, is to give different types of people the opportunity to not only to realize their most colourful dreams, but also combine art and lifestyle into one harmonious whole.

FOR YOUR ATTENTION: Please be aware, that although we endeavour to present the colours as acurately as possible on the website, there may well be variations depending on your computer monitor. Some colours may display slightly lighter than they actually are.

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